Family and Education

Who am I?

I relocated to Virginia from Florida, working as a software engineer for a large defense contractor.  In northern Virginia I raised a wonderful daughter as a full-time, single dad.  Several years ago, I met and married my wife, Lauren, and we now have two little ladies who are nine years old and nine months old.  We attend Reston Bible Church and enjoy making a family breakfast before a weekend adventure.  I am a leader of a children’s AWANA group at Grace Covenant church in Chantilly.

Virginia Politics

I ask myself “why run?”  I think my driving force is to find corruption and rid Virginia of it.  This is my home.  I am now a Virginian and I cannot, and will not, stand idle while career politicians line their pockets through get rich schemes and ignore the communities they are meant to represent.  So, I am running for office for Virginians.  For so long, our state has been taken over by special interests.  That needs to stop and it is my driving force to end it.

For me, it’s Virginians Come First.  Not a small portion of a specific special interest group.  All of Virginia and its people.  When the sky is grey, I won’t tell you that it’s blue.  You will hear honest feedback from me.

Open Schools Five Days with Full School Choice

Our kids need schools, need to be taught, and need to socialize.  How will this affect the younger generation?  I am very concerned about their emotional and spiritual well-being.   We should allow our parents to choose whichever school they want their child to attend, whether its two miles away or twenty miles away.  Kids should not be forced to attend schools the government requires them to attend. This is done with tuition tax credits.

The Netherlands being ranked top 10 in the entire world on their schools, has school choice written into their constitution.  School choice is a right for parents.  They outperform even the USA in their schools.  (PDF) School Choice in The Netherlands (


To the Teachers: I think its important to clarify, that if schools did start to receive more children attending with these tax vouchers, more schools would open up.  It would also open up options for teachers.  Allowing you more opportunities to teach along with a higher pay.  With each child having $10,000, if you taught 7 children in your home or more, you could certainly maintain a nice teachers salary with just 7 or more children.

Schools Are A Mess

  1. Kids can have their name changed in schools without their parents consent.
  2. Assault (sexual and non) is no longer required to be reported to the parents or police in our schools.
  3. They now allow Boys and Girls to play in the opposite genders sports.  No questions asked, without parents consent.
  4. Boys and Girls can now enter a bathroom and locker room of the opposite sex, no questions asked.  No verification needed and without parents consent.
  5. Critical Race Theory is now being taught in our schools.  It segregates kids by the color of their skin, no longer the content of their character.
  6. They now allow our kids to read books on very explicit sexual things.

Critical Race Theory should disappear

We must NOT be segmenting people by race, gender, or social standing. In quoting Martin Luther King, Jr., we shouldn’t judge people by the color of their skin, but rather the content of their character.  I am for ALL Virginians.  All men and women are created equal.  We should not prioritize one person over another.



Want Proof its being taught in our schools?

  1. Teacher in LCPS teaching about CRT
    1. Do Loudoun County Schools Teach Critical Race Theory? – YouTube
  2. Slide from teacher, teaching about White supremacy
    1. LCPS-Screenshot-HS-3.jpg (900×471) (
  3. LCPS teaching degrading a child who thinks a black and white person are simply human.
    1. (4463) Loudoun County Public SchoolsTeaching Critical Race Theory – YouTube
  4. LCPS teacher resigns over Critical Race Theory.
    1. Loudoun County teacher resigns in protest of CRT lessons (
  5. Onboarding documents for teachers in Virginia demanding they teach equity or not be allowed to work.
    1. Screen-Shot-2021-06-22-at-14.26.47.png (600×782) (
    2. Screen-Shot-2021-06-22-at-14.27.24.png (450×420) (
  6. LCPS superintendent declaring principles of CRT are in our schools
    1. Screen-Shot-2021-06-22-at-15.47.28.png (696×216) (
  7. LCPS teaching white fragility
    1. DC-New-LCPS-CRT-Evidence-Featured-e1617733532210.jpg (1280×549) (
  8. LCPS teacher declaring that they are teaching CRT
    1. Virginia teacher says critical race theory has damaged community as frustrated parents demand changes – Hot Lifestyle News
  9. PDF invoices that has LCPS paying for equity training from consultants
    1. 4/28/21: So What Do Loudoun County Public Schools “Equity” Invoices Look Like and Why Must Staff Members Be Made “Uncomfortable Enough to Change?” Sounds Like Forced Indoctrination To Me | Parents Against Critical Theory (
    2. LCPS.InvoiceOct.Dec2019.pdf (
  10. Training Slides for teachers
    1. 15-characteristics-of-White-Supremecy-Culturs.jpg (449×505) (
    2. lcps-6.jpg (404×303) (
    3. lcps-5.jpg (860×645) (
    4. lcps-1.jpg (860×645) (
    5. add-to-the-title.jpg (860×645) (
    6. image-46.png (443×574) (
  11. LCPS superintendent caught lying about CRT
    1. CRT in Loudoun Schools & NAACP Influence – YouTube
  12. LCPS action plan to fight for CRT
    1. LCPS Action Plans to Combat Systemic Racism_062320 Presentation.pdf (
  13. LCPS hiring an equity officer for CRT
    1. (4463) CRF Slide 3 – YouTube
    2. (4463) Slide 3 – YouTube
  14. LCPS equity officer for CRT talking about the framework in action
    1. (4463) Slide 11 – YouTube
  15. LCPS paying $242,000.00 to be taught CRT from a contractor.
    1. Loudoun County Schools Spend Hundreds of Thousands on Critical Race Theory (
  16. LCPS Director of Equity States they ARE teaching CRT in schools
  17. Slides from a Test in LCPS.
  18. Several slides from a 2015 presentation instructed by the Board of Education while Terry was governor.

Protect women’s rights and privacy

Women should not be forced to share a locker room, sports or any other gender specific activity with the opposite sex.  As a father of two girls, I cannot fathom my daughter having to dress, shower, or change in front of a boy.  Virginia passed the law making it legal for boys to enter girls’ bathrooms and play girls’ sports in January 2021.


Pro-life to the core

Who are we to decide exactly when a baby is human?  I am pro-life at conception.  God created man in His own image.  It is not our right to take a life.  We should be thinking of both the mother and the child.

I do believe in equal support for women that need the help.  For every dollar the state of Virginia gives to an abortion clinic, we should be sending the equal amount of dollars to pregnancy resource centers that can support women who don’t choose to abort, but have no support.  We should be be providing much needed support to women that need help, but don’t have it.  We will legislate it to make it align.

Highschool Career Academies

We need to convert our high schools into career ready institutes. Our kids should be allowed to pick careers in their freshman and sophomore years they want to learn more about. Aviation, Construction, Health and Science, Manufacturing, Farming, Law, Cooking etc. and we should allow their schools to become higher education academies teaching all kids skills used in these fields of study, learning to fly, read law, understand agriculture.

Dr. Seuss belongs in Schools

Cancelling books you don’t agree with is like book burning and destroying intellectual thought.  The cancel culture is getting out of control.  It must stop.

Repeated Medical Authorizations

Each year, diabetics require their doctor to resubmit their medical authorizations to their insurance company.  This is too much red tape for someone that has a recurring medical condition.  We need to stop requiring citizens and doctors to repeat their authorizations each year for something that continues year after year.

Medical Price Transparency

Hospitals and pharmacies should have price transparency.  They should be required to publicly list their pricing so that consumers can choose which location is the best to use for their surgeries, operations and medicine.  These institutions should compete in the marketplace, not through surprise billing.

Insurance Companies don’t cover medical procedures

Simple or complex medical procedures can be denied by insurance companies.  At home births are on the rise here in Virginia.  At home births have a medical professional, a care giver and staff.  They are much cheaper than hospital births, yet are NOT covered by insurance.  This needs to be covered along with a multitude of other insurance issues.  If you want to do business in Virginia, you should be able to cover common sense procedures.


Remove Dulles Greenway and toll roads

We should have never allowed a company to build a road for us and then tax us to drive on it.  The roads should be owned and operated by Virginians. We are taxed three times:  owning a car (car tax), driving down a road (toll road), and fueling the car. (gas tax) So I am for the removal of all toll roads in Virginia.

Remove all state income tax

If other states can do it and prosper, then why can’t we?  Paying income tax can take as much as 30% of your earnings. I recommend a consumption tax that will only tax purchases, allowing all Virginians to save more for the future.

Remove the personal property tax (car tax)

We don’t have to pay taxes on our cars.  This is just another way for the state to make money off its citizens.  I am for full removal of the car tax.

Remove or cap property tax after retirement

Families should not be removed from their homes and land because they cannot pay the tax to own it.

Generate Sales Tax Revenue

We should tax what we consume, not what we earn.  As Virginians, we should be able to keep our hard earned money and spend it based on our needs, not what the politicians think we need.  I recommend a < 10% flat tax on goods and services, except food and special needs.

We will also be removing specialty product taxes.  There are several low cost specialty products the retail businesses sell, which are taxed upwards of 20%.  With the single implementation of the sales tax, the goal would also be to remove all specialty products that will allow businesses to sell more product and in turn, generate more sales tax revenue for the state.

Address unfunded pension liability

The state of Virginia is upside-down in how much pension money we have and what we need to pay out.  Virginia should move all of our new hires to a 401k plan so no longer is the state on the line for pensions.

Remove pensions for elected positions

All elected officials get pensions in Virginia.  Crazy huh?  We should not allow elected officials to obtain a pension plan.  They are a public servant.

Reform Virginia department budgets

All government departments spend what they ask for.  They don’t save tax payer money.  We should ask departments to save money, rewarding them in kind with the money they saved.  All departmental employees should receive cash bonuses on the percentage of cash they saved that year, while reducing their overall budgets year over year.

Data Centers Should be Preserving Their Environment

Virginia is the most connected state in the entire United States.  We have more internet traffic running through Virginia than any other state, yet the data centers that preside here do very little to help the environment.  When elected, we will ask data centers to provide cleaner solutions.  They are a great tax incentive to this state, but we should be asking more from them that have such a large footprint in the state.

Tax Credit on Trade Ins

If you trade in your car for a newer model car, you shouldn’t have to pay taxes on the last car if you no longer own it.   Virginia should issue a tax credit prorated on the car that you just sold and added to the car that was just bought.

Remove Grocery Taxes

Did you know, Virginia is one of only 13 states that still tax groceries?  We should NOT tax groceries.  we shouldn’t be taxing things required to live and work.  This is one of those things that simply shouldn’t be taxed.  Another is medicine.  Virginia will remove these taxes when elected.

Faith and Freedom

The right to bear arms shall not be infringed

This also needs to include parks, government property and even no-go zones for guns.  We should be allowed to protect ourselves while walking down a long trail in a park or dropping our kids off at school.  Loudoun County just made it illegal to protect yourself in/on a park trail in 2021.

Protect individual liberty

The government must not be in the business of telling us what our freedoms and rights are as an individual.  The government has three jobs:  To protect, serve, and provide infrastructure.  Nothing more.

Immigrant’s path to citizenship

We are in this problem because the federal government is not enforcing their laws.   Our state should be looking for ways to solve this crisis.

We, as a state, should provide a path to work in our state legally.  Require immigrants to get in line, get a work visa and then allow them to participate in our country. We will then send them to the back of the line and help them obtain citizenship.   At the same time, companies who hire illegal immigrants without verifying their identity with eVerify is unacceptable.

Therefore bringing immigrants out of the shadows, allowing them to work in our state and aligning them with the laws of our state and saving American Jobs.

Presently, you are essentially punished if you follow the law and rewarded if you break it.  This is unacceptable.

Support law enforcement

The police, fire-fighters, and first responders provide valuable services while volunteering to enter frequently dangerous situations.  We ask our officers to be lawyers, doctors, social services, educated writer, protectors and now require them to have implicit bias training several times each day.  We should be sharing our gratitude, not trying to destroy some of the government’s primary responsibilities: to protect and serve.   We must have law and order.  We must allow them to have qualified immunity.

We will not allow local municipalities to defund police.  We will create law that requires municipalities to ask for approval before reducing the budgets of police departments and first responders.  This way, the reduction cannot be associated with riots or demands placed on the local municipality by special interest groups.

Implement Section 230 Restrictions in Virginia

We must hold social platforms to the same standard of free speech that we hold this country to.  If a platform removes public people from their platform, Virginia law should require the platforms to pay a $100,000.00 per day fine.  The payments would go directly to those people who were de-platformed.

End civil asset forfeiture

In 15 years, Virginia has taken more than $34,000,000.00 worth of goods from people without due process.  We must first have due process before we can confiscate from citizens.

Make speed cameras illegal

Remove speed cameras from our streets.  Charging a person without due process, without a right to face one’s accuser, is un-constitutional.

Strengthen election integrity

Voter ID, validated signatures, and early registration are a few measures to ensure integrity as well as counting all absentee ballots before Election Day.  It must be illegal to count after.

Remove the implementation of unions

It is coming to Virginia.  Collective bargaining can put too much interest in those that provide a public service and not enough interest in those that are serviced.  Citizens of Virginia don’t get to unionize to force government agencies to do good work.

Open the churches, synagogues and centers

Open the places of worship. We should be allowed to attend and worship, if we are allowed to travel, fly and go out and take adventures.

Hold Agencies of Virginia Accountable

As citizens, when our agencies suffer from a derelict of duty, we must be able to hold them accountable.  Therefore, we as citizens should be capable of taking a department within the state to court.  This includes, but not limited to the Department of Elections and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Freedom of Information Requests should be free, to a point.  We should not be charging citizens to learn about the inner workings of the state and local governments.  For small requests, we should require all government and agencies to offer this service free of charge.  Larger requests will still require a nominal fee.

Recall Politicians

Virginia should reform its recall laws.  There are 19 other states that allow recalls, but unlike those 19 others, there is one more road block to these recalls.  Gathering enough petition signatures to recall starts the process, but then it goes to a circuit court judge.  Based on that circuit court judges opinion is the recall valid or not.  So a judge would decide if the recall should be allowed to proceed.

We should allow for automatic recalls based on signature counts.  If there are valid signatures and there are enough verified signatures and automatic recall should take place.  Another step to recall politicians shouldn’t be required when there are enough constituents upset with their politician.

We will rewrite the policy to remove the secondary step of the circuit court judges approval for the recall.   Once the signatures and petitions are validated, an automated recall will take place.

Jobs and Businesses

Car Tax Removal

If we removed simply the car tax, businesses would be able to save overall, shipping, receiving and much more.  For general car type of businesses, it would greatly enhance their work and save millions for them to expand into other areas.

Remove Machine and Tools Tax

Any business that manufactures in the state is required to pay double taxes.  Both on selling their product, but also creating their product.  This tax is levied by the counties.  It can be as high as 8 points.  This will be removed at the county level.  If we want to bring our manufactures into the state, we have to give them a smaller barrier to entry.

ABC Store Monopoly

The agency that is ABC should exist.  We should have control over a substance that can be detrimental to society.  But we must also allow businesses to thrive.

We would require ABC to improve their systems.  We will require that more stores, but not only ABC can sell.  We will loosen ABCs grip on the monopoly.

Minimum Wage

Minimum wages don’t hurt major businesses as it does small businesses.  Small business can be greatly affected by wage changes, compared to larger businesses.  If we want to see smaller businesses thrive, we can’t drive up the minimum wage and expect inflation and closures not to follow.  If you are hired by a small business, you should expect them to not be as profitable as larger businesses, so we cannot them to pay the best salaries.

If we want to see businesses thrive, we must closely watch how our state increases the minimum wage.

Construction and Property

Too many construction companies and small builders see wage theft issues along with too many fees.

Wage theft occurs when government requires union and non union jobs alike to compete at the same level, but the government gives certain rights to union shops.  With these rights, government allows for prices to be drastically higher for a job that could be completed by a non union shop.  We through tax payers, pay for this burden, but also the worker suffers.  Because unions require wage garnishments and collective bargaining, they take away from the very worker they should be representing.

Small and large builders are being overwhelmed in the fees needing to build.  One Virginia law requires each new home being built to pay a $10,000.00 fee to the state just for a bit of paperwork.  This fee is then passed onto the buyer and drives up the cost of housing.  If we are to expand housing in Virginia and make it more affordable, we must remove these fees.