Family and Education

Believes in Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory has been mandated across the state of Virginia by the legislator.  David Reid being the incumbent voted for and approved the implementation of Critical Race Theory as you see it today in the schools and at protests from the school board.

He is a voting delegate for Critical Race Theory.

Polygamy in Virginia

Polygamy is being amended to the Virginia State Constitution.  David Reid voted for changing the constitution to allow polygamy.   Reid removed all wording of marriage between two people.  Reid also removed all wording between a man and a woman.

The wording will now allow any man or any woman to marry as many people as they would like and as many species as they would like.  Reid reworded the constitution allowing in theory, a man to marry 3 women, 2 kids and 2 donkeys without any restrictions put in place.

Bill Tracking – 2021 session > Legislation (

Babysitting and Caretakers

Reid voted for allowing the government to come into your home and enforce laws if you decide to hire a babysitter or caretaker.

Individuals who are engaged in providing domestic service such as babysitting, tutoring, elderly care (for as little as a few hours a week) will be covered by the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. The measure allows the government to do in-home inspections, and prohibits a family from acting on a preference to hire, for example, a female babysitter or caretaker when the family considers that to be appropriate. The measure empowers the Attorney General to enforce this new law.


LIS > Bill Tracking > HB2032 > 2021 session (

Destroying Police Officers

Reid voted to remove qualified immunity from our police officers.  Which means, he wants officers to be sued in court.  He wants police officers to lose their family wealth, 401k and even their house through law suits.  The state wouldn’t carry the burden of these lawsuits anymore.  Rather all expenses paid for each law suit would forced to be covered by the police officer.

Richmond is now at 48% capacity for their law enforcement.  Don’t let it happen to Loudoun County!

This is Terrible.

Forced and Selective Abortions

The bill, HB 1979, expands the availability of surrogacy and defines parenthood based on “intent” rather than biology. The Virginia House of Delegates approved HB 1979 on February 5; the state Senate passed a version 28 to 12 on February 18, and then the House approved the Senate version on February 20.

The bill “allows surrogacy contracts to include forced abortions, including ‘selective reductions,’ which is the horrific practice of killing some of the babies in the womb, while leaving one or more alive,” wrote Victoria Cobb, President of the Family Foundation of Virginia. “Some contracts also allow the intended parents to be able to require abortion of the child(ren) if the child appears to have a disability, or simply if they change their minds about wanting the child. This is commonplace in surrogacy contracts, and current Virginia law does not prohibit these types of agreements. This bill will greatly expand the number of surrogacy contracts, but without doing anything to protect against forced abortions at the demands of the ‘intended parents.’”


Pay to Play Corruption

Having a legislator from our community assigned to the Appropriations Committee, as we do with Delegate David Reid. In a separate budget item, submitted at the request of Delegate David Reid, there will be a no-strings-attached earmark of $255,000 going to his political allies and private citizen to stimulate production of intangible material. Acting through an obscure introduction into the budget hours before passage and misrepresented to the members of the House, laws which typically apply to this type of disbursement were waived, meaning there is no guarantee the material promised will actually be produced or be made available to the taxpayers who fund its production.

David Reid paid his political allies 1/4 Million dollars for something, but no one knows what it was except Reid and the private citizen.

Faith and Freedom

Removed Individual Protections

Reid legislated that individual counties and governments can strip away your right to protect yourself in buildings, schools and parks.

In Loudoun County, because of Reids work, you can no longer carry in Parks and Recreation.  So if you are hiking in any park in Loudoun and you are assaulted, you must call the police and wait for their arrival.  You are no longer allowed to protect yourself from the would be assaulter.

Jobs and Businesses

Covid Lockdown

Reid was arguing for greater restrictions on businesses during the covid lockdown.  He was not present nor was he made available during many emails sent to his office for discussion.  He seemed to not care about how many businesses his policies affected.

Reid is a small business owner himself, but he was able to work from home, while shutting down all businesses in the service industry.