• Virginians Come First, not special interests!
    Scott Pio for House of Delegates, 32nd District Virginians Come First, not special interests!
  • For the Worker for the tax payer
    Scott Pio for House of Delegates, 32nd District For the Worker for the tax payer


I am running for all Virginians and these are my policies.

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Working for You

Working for You

Lasting change is hard.  We need to work hard to spread the idea that politicians should be for the citizens, not their own pocket books.

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Donate Now!

Donate Now!

We need your donations to help fund the fight against a rapidly changing Virginian house that seeks to divide, not work for all of us.

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The Mission and vision

Work hard for all Virginians.  Work for those people struggling to achieve.  We need to harness the power of Virginians to deregulate the state.  To remove policies that trample on Virginian Rights, Virginian Finances and Virginian Freedom.

Virginians Come First

To efficiently run Virginia, the citizens, all of them have to come first.  Before the special interests.

Womens Rights And Pro-Life

I am for protecting the individual through liberties.  Each individual matters to me.  So we must protect women’s rights, but we must not forget the individual living inside the woman at conception.  To abort a baby is to believe that the killing of any human is allowed if society deems it so.  I do not.  Individual liberty is very important here.

Section 230 Restrictions on Socials

We should heavily fine and penalize businesses that remove public figures from their platforms.  The fines should be detrimental to the business enough that they won’t think about pulling public figures off their platforms in the future.


In Virginia, we tax you for your gas, for your car (property tax) and then driving on the roads (tolls).  This is poor tax policy.  I want to remove the car tax, all the toll roads, income tax and property taxes after retirement.  We need to get back to a single tax structure that stops taxing you 3 times for simply driving a car.


We must open schools.  We must allow the student to NOT be defined by their zip code and where they live. Rather they child should be allowed to go to what ever school their parents choose.  Money should follow the child, not based on where the child grows up.


Family is the most important part of our culture and communities.  If we continue to tear them down and tax them to death, they won’t flourish.  Communities will suffer the most important building block.

32nd District Map

Please Vote For Scott Pio

We can’t stop the chaos of special interests if we sit on the sidelines and do nothing.  Right now Mike Bloomberg and George Soros are delivering millions of dollars into the state of Virginia to try and control the state for the future.  These special interests must be made illegal.

Please Vote for Scott Pio

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Election Day

Election Day

Sterling, Virginia
02 Nov 2021 06:00 AM - 07:00 PM

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